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About JanieBrain

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Helllllloooooo:) I'm Janie Giebelhaus.

I started Janiebrain from one of the messiest times in my life. I was a freshman in college, making some of my worst decisions ever, and feeling so exhausted with life. I was trying to heal from all of these relationship blunders and hurts, and I was scrolling through facebook tirelessly. -How did I measure up? -Who did he like now? -Was my ex moving on already? Finally, I had enough. I remember sitting in my mom's house over Thanksgiving vacation at the end of 2010. In a moment, I decided I was tired of the internet I was experiencing and I wanted to pour my time into something life-giving and meaningful. I yearned for something to do online that felt like 'me.' That is how "JanieBrain" started. I wanted Jesus and the life He gives, which is full of freedom and joy! This page was more for myself than anyone else at first, yet it has turned to one of my favorite ways of God using me. Writing about what God teaches me has blessed me more than I ever would have realized that freshman year of college, and I am so thankful to have this outlet to share testimonies and revelations of His love! 

About Me:

I am a child of God and I am deeply loved. --But that is true for everyone, so here are some things that make me 'me': I love analyzing ideas, I cry when I see beautiful scenery, and I will look to love even the 'worst' of people. I desire to make the world brighter and one way I believe this happens is when society, life, and systems are challenged. I think God likes questions and cries when we try to be people other than ourselves. 


I want to see how Jesus sees, desperately. I have a deep belief that His ways are wise, and that He really does know best. 

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