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Just a Joy Post

I've had a weird week...but as I sit under my twinkle lights in my room and listen to Gungor (the album that goes through the Bible in order)...I realize how GLORIOUS life is. I can journal about my hopes and dreams and longings, but I am- right now- exactly where I am supposed to be. Better yet, God purposed my current place, activities, etc...JUST as much as He purposed my future that I am so excited about.

Life can be a sparkly adventure with friends and family and "random" beautiful people that are in your life for a certain season. It can be this glorious journey that resists the world's tricks and shaping and seems to be "out of this world." I haven't forgotten how amazing God is and how He has me here for a reason--- and while I'm living out His purpose, I want to notice the beauty surrounding me. Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you for beauty.

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